10th July 2013
Get fit with me and myFox2!

Hello! I am so tickled and honored to be part of Fox News "Get Fit with Fox News" program. Fox 2's Alan Longstreet has been going around the metro Detroit area looking for unique ways to get healthy.

Here is a link to the series: Get Fit with Fox News

As you can see: Alan talked to me, in episode 4 (which you can watch from my home page). I was happy to tell him and his listeners about tai chi and my work with kids in Troy.

I'm excited about this, not just because I got to be on TV (I already have my own cable TV show), but also that the series addresses all sorts of fitness ideas:

The first segment talks about two kids who are boxing champions even though they have disabilities. Their story is really inspiring.

The second segment shows a seven-minute workout. Even the busiest people can get fit that way.

The third segment talks about something many of us have forgotten: Making fitness fun. I love the idea of a playground workout.

And last, but not least, my segment on my chi exercises. I show you how to start your day with easy stretches, designed to get you up and moving while giving you a cheery outlook on life. You'll have a better day, without grouchiness (so your coworkers will too). You'll live longer and your body will be better able to serve you longer.

Thank you Alan Longstreet and Fox 2 News for helping us all to

Live Young,


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